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19.10.2017 Lithuanian translation
Labas! is now available in Lithuanian language.
Thank you Ricardas!

Want to see in your language too? Contact us!

14.10.2017 One-click status change
It's much easier now to change the retrieval status. You can switch eg. from "crew on the way" to "pilot reached" without editing the whole report.
Few other improvements have been also introduced with this update, like special accounts for scorers and list of nearby outlandings of other gliders.

10.05.2017 New Android app
Get it on Google Play Our Android mobile application has been rewritten from scratch to meet new standards and devices.
It is now available free now on Google Play store. This will allow better compatibility and easy future updates.

15.11.2016 One-click GPS integration
Reporting your position is now even easier! Our new feature allows reading your GPS directly from www browser with a single click. Just press the button and wait couple of seconds.
This "magic" button is available next to coordinates input field. It is only visible if you're logged using individual pilot login, outlanding office or Captain can't use it.
Please note, some systems restrict GPS access due security reasons, so if you receive errors first check your system and browser geolocalization and privacy settings.

27.07.2016 Smartphone friendly!
Latest update makes it look much nicer on small screens, smartphones, tablets etc.
What is officialy called a "responsive design", means our content adapts to your device to make the most of it.
Check it out on the mobile device near you!

02.05.2016 Hallo Welt! is now available in German language. Thank you Klaus!
If you want to see in your language, please contact us, we will gladly accept any help.

24.04.2016 StrePla and Soaring Spot support
We're happy to announce our cooperation with StrePla Scoring software. Now it's very easy to import pilots from StrePla in one click. At the same time, outlandings reported at are visible on StrePla website and used for preliminary scoring.
Support for SeeYou/Soaring Spot has also improved. Uploading CUCX files is no longer necessary, can grab pilots directly from the website.

25.03.2016 More retrieval statuses
Following our users requests, we have introduced few more statuses regarding retrieval process.
It is now possible to indicate whenever crew is on the way, pilot has been found, glider is back on the airfield or if retrieval crew is yet incomplete and cannot depart. Each status is color-coded and visible on the outlanding lists.
We hope this will be very useful feature for those Offices which take effort to manage retrievals.

29.06.2015 SeeYou 7 now supported
Recently published SeeYou Competition 7 changed format of its internal database. Former CUC files are now replaced with new ones, CUCX. now handles this new format too.
You can use it to populate your list of pilots to avoid manual entering of data.

20.07.2014 E-mail notifications
We have new feature: e-mail notifications. It will send an e-mail to specified address if an outlanding is reported in the competition. This might be useful to notify Competition Office about pilot-reported outlandings. No need for constant monitoring.

08.05.2014 Widgets for your website
We have prepared two JavaScript widgets ("web gadgets") which can be placed on the competition websites. Both of them contain live outlanding data from database and update automatically.
The first one is a panel with all outlandings listed by competition ID. It can group pilots by class or just show alphabetic list of competition IDs.
Second one is a standard-size small banner, which will continuously show day's outlandings scrolling one by one. It contains pilot's ID, name, time of outlanding and optionally team name and competition class.
Examples for both widgets are visible on the right. Instructions how to include them in your website are in the "Extras" section under "API Links". We hope they will fit nicely on your website!

21.04.2014 iPhone application available
We're happy to announce that mobile application is now also available for iPhones. To install it via App Store, please follow the link at the mobile page.

07.04.2014 Multi-language support has just received a big upgrade!
The main feature is internationalization of the website, which now may be available in any language. Right now we offer Polish and Hungarian translations. We're looking for volunteers to translate to other languages. That means you!
Other new features include:

  • improved reading of coordinates
  • auto-refresh of outlandings map
  • faster manual entering of pilots (no mouse actions required)
  • automatic team generation
  • small improvements of web interface
  • minor internal improvements and fixes

16.03.2014 Looking for translators
We're in final stage of preparing to multi-language support. We're now looking for volunteers to help us translate from English to as many languages as we can.
If you're interested, please contact us!

13.01.2014 Try our demo!
To facilitate your introduction to, we have prepared a demonstration competition. Have a try, experiment and learn how easy is!

04.12.2013 Presenting mobile
We're happy to present the first release of mobile - smartphone application to make reporting outlanding even easier.
Read more about it on dedicated mobile page.

30.11.2013 PDF guide available
Ailsa McMillan wrote a nice guide on usage. We're happy to share it with the world. Thank you Ailsa!

21.07.2013 launched!
We're happy to launch your online outlanding office!
While it has been designed for Junior Worlds at Leszno, any competition organiser is invited to use it.
Give it a try and enjoy!