lowcrop.aero mobile

Mobile lowcrop.aero application allows your GPS-enabled smartphone to send outlanding reports directly from the landing site. It is small and very easy to use.


lowcrop.aero mobile is available for Android and iPhone devices. Download and install the application here:


After you install it on your smartphone, first you need to open "Settings" and enter basic data: competition name (short code), login (glider ID) and password. All these information shall be provided by competition organisation.


If outlanded, launch the application and wait till it reads your GPS coordinates. Current time will be used as outlanding time. You can change it if required. Use radiobuttons to indicate if your glider suffered damage or not. You may also add extra information to the report.

Clicking "Send report" will upload your report to the database. Make sure to read status message afterwards - only this will tell you if report has been received properly or if there was any error.

Things to remember

Before sending the report, always make sure that displayed GPS coordinates are correct. Some smartphones are dumb enough to announce "last known position" as present one. This could be very far from your location. Frequent small changes of coordinates (caused by GPS accuracy) are usually a sign that values are live.

Sending report requires working data network connection. The data packet is very small (below 1KB) however data transfer fee may apply as it does to any Internet activity.

If you need to correct the report, just re-send new data. Each new report overwrites any previous reports for your glider. Note: this also includes reports done by other people like Competition Office staff or your Team Captain! Make sure your actions are coordinated.


lowcrop.aero mobile is currently in public testing. If you encounter any bug or wish to make a constructive comment, please send us a message using contact page.